• Explaining what RAM is to people who are distracted

    where the artist explains the concept of RAM to people who aren't paying attention.

  • LinkedIn Homecoming Queens:


    The artist has indexed a comprehensive archive of LinkedIn profiles who's resumes list their reign as homecoming queen
  • In the fall of 2012 the artist had a reoccurring dream


    that the world economy depended on his Klout score.
  • He knew they called it lazy loading

    but couldn't help noticing just how much effort it required 

  • An early work

    consisting of a smoke detector with low batteries and the best place cialis no prescription canada a text that reads "the beep is a reminder to we recommend generic cialis for sale try and focus on things in life that we can change."

  • Like most Americans,

    he associated dentistry with soft rock harmonizing over top of drill sounds.
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  • Recent +

  • History +

    During those years pages took forever to load
  • About +

    He often wrote his best emails on visit our site cialis prescriptionsgeneric cialis sale reserve battery.
  • Background +

    His controversial photographic series "Children Alone in Taxis" involved putting his kids in taxis alone and taking a picture of their sad faces as they drove away
  • Bio +

    On Thanksgivings he gave thanks for the gift of fear while repeatedly insisting that fear was a gift.
  • Resources +

    In a podcast episode about his earliest sexual experience he recalls sneaking a girl in through his basement only to find that the blacklight made her look hideous
  • Description +

    He often described his neighbors in terms of their wireless networks
  • Reputation +

    He had the levitra in spain'>levitra in spain highest rated podcast about regrets
  • Activity +

    When you push the limits of art the limits of art push back
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  • We've been scrolling for years

    and theres so much more to load.
  • The more we scroll

    the more we load
  • Things don't change

    people change
  • The grass is always more HD

  • Nothing says American artist

    like inches
  • One reason he preferred using Bing Maps

    was their ISO settings
  • That opening it seemed

    he wasnt the only pushy artist in town
  • How many ancient things

    are there left for us to do?
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